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FREE DOWNLOAD: Cocaine 80s - The Flower Of Life EP

Cocaine 80s - The Flower Of Life EP

Like clockwork, Cocaine 80s release their new EP, The Flower Of Life EP

You’ll remember us talking about Cocaine 80s new track Fly Ass Pisces from Saturday, featuring Jhené Aiko and Common. Well, the EP the track is on has dropped. Quick, huh? It’s called The Flower Of Life and contains some really smooth synthy R&B. The genre has moved on a lot since the 90s and the 00s and releases like this are setting the pace for a new era of sound. The harmonies from Fauntleroy complement the melodies and the beats really well and the features are brilliant (as you heard on Fly Ass Pisces).

Download the EP and expect some extra surprises in the zip file.

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