Written by Luke Alex Davis 6:14 pm Hip Hop

SWARVY – Anti​-​Anxiety

SWARVY - Anti​-​Anxiety

SWARVY has dropped a new tape called Anti​-​Anxiety.

Hands up if you hit a creative slump and you listen to your favourite artist to pick you up. Pretend I have both hands up as you read this. But in this instance, I didn’t run into the proverbial arms of a familiar musician.

SWARVY was my object of inspiration and Anti-Anxiety provided the gateway I needed. The current glut of “can you really call it an album” albums are short and seemingly underdeveloped. Anti-Anxiety doesn’t suffer from that predicament at all. Neither does it fall into the lo-fi crowd, obscured by sameness and a fug of compression and hiss.

From the boom bap-styled Think & Say (More To Life) featuring The Koreatown Oddity to Pocus with its intimate jazz club vibe, styles upon styles is what SWARVY has and everything is crafted with the finesse of a careful veteran. It’s just what I needed and you’ll feel the same when you hear it.

Stream it below.