Written by Luke Alex Davis 9:09 pm Hip Hop

Teck-Zilla – Summer Zilla (PREMIERE)

summer zilla

We have the premiere of Teck-Zilla’s latest beat tape called Summer Zilla.

This summer has been a scorcher. Between the sweltering heat and the Nigeria’s dope ass World Cup shirt, there’s been a lot to be thankful for. Another Nigerian creative export lighting up this season is Teck-Zilla and we’re thrilled to be premiering his latest joint, Summer Zilla.

In true mix-tape style, each beat on the album flows together like a tapestry with his ability to flip samples like cookout burgers with a side of stonk! There are no holds barred on Summer Zilla, from the neck-breaking percussion of “By Buy Bye” to the mesmeric “Beaucoup”.

“While the original concept was kinda different from what it is now, the beats at the time were made to fit a certain vibe […] I pretty much tailored the beats to suit my birth month (July), and I already knew I was going to release it then, so that put the ‘warm’ element into the mix.”

– Teck-Zilla

This is an essential album for any season but it fits the atmosphere of a blue sky summer. The rhythms wax and wane as they swing in and out of the pocket. The sample selections jitter and flow like bees on the heads of summer flora. Summer Zilla is for the drop top cruisers, the BBQ beat hounds, and the home early from workers.

If you fit the mould or you’re just curious, grab a copy from your favourite digital retailer with this link.

And stream it below.