Interview: Davu Flint

We interviewed Philly’s Davu Flint about his musical upbringing, how his home state has moulded his music and another life as an international gigolo.


Interview: Kaly

We interviewed New Jersey rapper Kaly about his musical origins, what he’s working on currently and his choice between ATCQ and De La.



We interviewed hip hop duo Latyrx. A sixteen year gap between albums isn’t that common within the realms of hip hop but for Latyrx, the timing was perfect to drop their sophomore offering, The Second Album. We caught up with Lateef and discussed what the reasons for the “hiatus” and what we should expect from …


VIDEO: Slacktory's Supercut Of Rappers Introducing Themselves In Songs

The good fellas at Slacktory have compiled a supercut of rappers re/introducing themselves in their songs. There’s nothing worse than hearing rappers talk about “rise and grind” or saying how they’re the best in the game. But it seems a very common motif in their lyricism is introducing themselves to the listener. Slacktory, the kings …

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Hip Hop And The "F" Word

Hip hop hasn’t always had a harmonious relationship with the F word – feminism – but where does it stand now and is it any better in other genres? Taytula Burke ponders on the subject. I’ve been a fan of hip hop ever since I made my debut on this planet. No other genre of …

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Hip-Hop Word Count - A Database Of Every Word In Every Rap Song Ever

Imagine a database of every word from every recorded rap song. Ever. Well, it is now a reality thanks to Hip-Hop Word Count. “Who’s the best MC of all time?” Probably the most controversial question in hip hop (depending on who you ask). People can lose friends over questions like that. While there’ll probably never …

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Too Many Awesome Producers, Not Enough Dope Emcees

If hip-hop were personified by a Pokémon, it’d probably be Geodude: it’s decent but not all that impressive at first… and then it evolves. Before you know it, you’ve got a massive beast to contend with and everyone’s trying to be down with that tough stuff Onyx is coming with. However, I get the impression that hip-hop …