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EXCLUSIVE: Scott Xylo - Super Contra Homies

For our birthday month, Scott Xylo has dropped an exclusive joint called Super Contra Homies. We might have been incredibly late to our own birthday party, but that hasn’t disrupted the celebrations. In fact, one of our brethren, Scott Xylo, has provided us with an incredible present in the form of Super Contra Homies. I …


Scott Xylo - A Week With Out You EP

Scott Xylo turns heartbreak into dope music in the form of A Week With Out You EP. Break ups are a bitch and there are a million and one ways to handle them, some more productive others not so much. With our own Scott Xylo, he took to the medium of music to express his …

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Richie Saps & Scott Xylo – Infinite

East London based wordsmith Richie Saps joins forces with Leicester based producer Scott Xylo to deftly regale us with a tale of his immortality… The relationship between producer and emcee has been an integral part of hip hop since its nascent days. On rare occasions, the artistic understanding between these two individuals can be exceptionally …


INSTAJAM! Scott Xylo - Earth Dreams Instagram Bump

Short but sweet, Scott Xylo puts together a nice little “Instagram Bump” featuring Space Ghost visuals. Much like the track and video itself, we’ll keep this brief. Scott Xylo is the greatest and this insane “Instagram Bump” confirms that. From the warm filtered synth melody to the solid bassline and the smooth percussion, Earth Dreams …


Interview: Scott Xylo

Ashton James Brown caught up with intrepid beatsmith Scott Xylo and discussed his love of all things animated, his ideal music tech purchases and his latest project “2003 // HeERO Scott”.

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Scott Xylo - PINEapple

Scott Xylo gets juicy with his latest Soundcloud offering, PINEapple. It seems our favourite producers often leave us audible treats on SoundCloud (to quote the great Posdnuos) and Scott Xylo is no exception. This time around, the Leicester-based musician provides us with “PINEapple”, a blend of dissonant eerie snyths and a smooth rhythm section. Xylo …

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Scott Xylo – 2003 // HeERO Scott

Scott Xylo offers up a mesmeric piece of nostalgia, with the release of his latest project ‘2003 // HeERO Scott’. Concept albums are often attempted but poorly executed. The idea of basing a project around one central theme allows for it to be far more sonically cohesive; something prominently lacking in LPs/Eps of thematically unrelated …


EXCLUSIVE! Scott Xylo - Neo-Gotham

We have an exclusive here at Sampleface in the form of Scott Xylo’s Neo-Gotham. I’ve always been a big fan of Batman since a child so upon hearing Scott Xylo had a track inspired by the dystopian version of Bruce Wayne’s home town from Batman Beyond, my attention was well and truly grabbed. But that’s …