Richie Saps & Scott Xylo – Infinite


East London based wordsmith Richie Saps joins forces with Leicester based producer Scott Xylo to deftly regale us with a tale of his immortality…

The relationship between producer and emcee has been an integral part of hip hop since its nascent days. On rare occasions, the artistic understanding between these two individuals can be exceptionally organic, at times resembling complete symbiosis. Scott Xylo and Richie Saps are two souls who obviously share such an understanding, with their new cut “Infinite” being a shining example of a producer and an emcee in almost perfect musical sync. Xylo’s dreamlike soundscape is ingeniously constructed, with his trademark booming drums cutting through the skilfully layered atmospheric samples that make up the instrumental’s backbone. This combined with Saps’ adept yet bold lyricism and cadence makes for a phenomenal listening experience. This track is irrefutable proof that both of these artists are at the height of their powers.

You can stream the track from the link below.

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