The Macabre Chap x DJ PRIMATE – Thanatos

Thanatos Cover

The Macabre Chap and DJ PRIMATE team up for an politically-charged track called Thanatos.

From the moment you lay eyes on the cover, you get a sense this isn’t a wishy-washy track. The duo of British emcee The Macabre Chap and El Paso native DJ PRIMATE don’t disappoint and provide the grizzly Thanatos, just in time for the UK elections. You may know the Brit by other names – Ashtronomic and Ashterisk the Beat Reaper – or perhaps by his writing content here but regardless of nom de plumes, TMC lays bare everything wrong with the political climate in an acerbic attack, mixing supernatural, religious and mythical imagery. The beat, courtesy of DJ PRIMATE, consolidates this with an equally gruff beat packed with classic boom bap and hard knocking drums.

Stream it below and peep the lyrics on Medium.

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