Dance House

Scott Xylo - ESP (XK Remix)

Xomodo - Cheap Imitations

Our very own Scott Xylo gets the remix treatment by our very own Xomodo on “ESP”.

Despite having a collective of dope artists, we’ve yet to have any of them sample each other. Until now. Newest recruit Xomodo decided it was time to rectify that and chose Scott Xylo’s ESP as his blank canvas. The resulting masterpiece changed the vibe completely, from hazy spiritualism into a bouncing house shuffle. The atmosphere remains in the background but the pulsating kick drum reigns supreme from start to finish and you’ll find it impossible to keep still on this one. The track serves as a debut single not only for us but for his upcoming album (now titled “Cheap Imitations“). There’s no release date but expect more of the same.

Stream it on SoundCloud and keep an eye out for the new album whenever it comes out.

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