Ted Gioia's 30 'incorrect' music and culture predictions for 2022

Let’s see how wrong we can be about 2022.

Ted Gioia usually has his finger on the pulse when it comes to music (I referenced him a lot in my university dissertation for that reason) but for his latest edition of The Honest Broker, he’s served up 30 ‘incorrect’ predictions. Here are some of my favourites:

6. At a highly-publicized séance, a famous dead jazz musician will explicitly ask Kenny G not to collaborate on a song.

7. Apple CEO Tim Cook will admit during an interview that the iPhone “sucks as a music delivery device” and promise to come up with a stand-alone product that offers a “transformative listening experience.”

18. Jazz musicians will occasionally play a song by a living composer who isn’t a member of the band or more than 80 years old.

29. Record labels will work to accelerate the vinyl revival by significantly cutting prices and massively expanding the catalog of available offerings.

The reasons for their inaccuracies differ (some would never happen as the people behind them are fine with the decisions they’ve made while other predictions are unlikely because they assume results that wouldn’t happen, such as a Twitter edit button making tweets “smarter, kinder, and more accurate”) but we’ll see.

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