The top 12 posts of 2021

A quick glance at the most popular articles this year.

I know the numbers are arbitrary on their own, but I can’t help looking at page views. It lets me know that someone has taken the time to investigate what I’ve written and, if they stick around, great. If not, fair enough (but I always hope they come back). So I decided to look up the top 10 posts published this year and then ended up finding 12 and in the spirit of arbitrariness, went with a dozen instead. I didn’t publish as much this year as I have in previous years for many reasons but I’m happy with the general output given that fact I have 4 other blogs.

In no particular order:

  1. Kaytranada’s DJ Set for Adult Swim Festival 2020
  2. Sampleface Five: Cowboy Bebop Samples
  3. The Supreme x AKAI MPC Live II
  4. Akai’s ‘new’ MPC One Retro Edition
  5. The horror-infused originality of Tyler the Creator
  6. Cookin Soul – MF DOOM Tribute
  7. Ted Gioia on the Great Columbia Jazz Purge of 1973
  8. Katy Perry’s ‘Hot N Cold’ but it’s a Ukrainian polka cover
  9. Max I Million – Uncut Gems
  10. Novation’s Circuit Rhythm enters the standalone sampler market
  11. Wun Two – Snow Vol. 5
  12. Khruangbin’s cover of Gypsy Woman is my new obsession
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