Ted Gioia's 100 Best Albums of 2016

Jazz historian Ted Gioia posts a list of his 100 best albums of the year. Here is his list for 2016 (so far).

I always make a pledge to listen to at least 100 albums a year but I didn’t make the cut in 2015. I’m far behind this year too so it’s remarkable to know some people listen to hundreds every year. Where do they have the time? According to Ted Gioia’s website, he’s listened to exactly 1,021 (which is a prime number for any math(s) geeks out there). The jazz author managed to whittle this number down to a round 100 for his latest album of the year list and as you can imagine it features an eclectic mix of genres, from “Nordic Pop Meets Contemporary Chamber Music” to “Zen-Funk Hypnotic Jazz”. He’s doing a countdown at the moment and currently stands at #17 (Various Artists – The Savory Collection, Vol. 1) so keep an eye out for the “winner”.

You can check out the 2016 list on his website and the previous years below.

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(And you can check out my list too.)

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