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The 1010music nanobox is a bright little box of sampling joy

Colours and tiny synths are a deadly combo for your wallet.

Are you tired of all the samplers out there? Well, put your feelings to one side and consider another device to your list. The 1010music nanobox is a tabletop polyphonic mini synthesizer with a touchscreen and it comes in an array of colours and functionalities:

  • lemondrop – a lemon yellow mini granular synth
  • fireball – a fire red mini wavetable synth
  • razzmatazz – a hot pink mini drum sequencer and sampler with FM synthesis
  • tangerine – a mini streaming sampler

Each model gives you something different to work with and an awesome colour to go with it. There’s nothing especially groundbreaking here so 1010music have gone more for style than substance. But the substance you do get is… substantial. You can connect any nanoboxes into your setup and, thanks to their small form factor, you don’t need to worry about space. A good example is plugging them into your MIDI controllers to trigger notes or control parameters and change things up with the touchscreen.

However, as they’re all priced at $399.00, the nanobox isn’t an entry level device (maybe try Korg or Roland or some of the mini synths on this list by Juno) but the quality and attention to detail are evident here. If space is at a premium but money isn’t, this might be the synth collection for you.

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