VIDEO: The Leonard Simpson Duo - Heavy Organ

A still from VIDEO: The Leonard Simpson Duo's video for Heavy Organ

Leonard Charles and Guilty Simpson teamed up as “The Leonard Simpson Duo” for their debut psych-hop album, LSD. Here’s the video for “Heavy Organ”, featuring Oxnard’s Wildchild.

A still from VIDEO: The Leonard Simpson Duo's video for Heavy Organ

LSD is perfect double entendre for hip hop duo Leonard Charles and Guilty Simpson. The pair, performing as The Leonard Simpson Duo, drew on psych-rock samples from the 60s and 70s as well as jazz and African music for the album, and Heavy Organ is a fine example of that.

On Heavy Organ, Guilty raps over an acid rock sample full of phasing, guitars, and gritty drums. For the visuals, directed by Adi Dick, we get a kaleidoscope of typography and colours spelling out the name of the album. Lootpack’s Wildchild also joins Guilty to complete the track.

“I wanted to send more of a message on this record […] A lot of times people rap about things that just aren’t that important. Of course, I still have some hardcore songs on there, but I wanted to spend time addressing more of what’s important to me—like family, friendships, and relationships. I’ve dedicated so much of my time to the self-absorbed raps. It was good for me to make something that sticks to your ribs a little bit.”

Guilty Simpson on the album.

Stream it below.

The Leonard Simpson Duo (Leonard Charles x Guilty Simpson) - "Heavy Organ" [Official Music Video]
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