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QSTN - Opus One

QSTN - Opus One

QSTN tries his hand at a Slum Village flip on his latest track, “Opus One”.

QSTN - Opus One

The OP-1 is an instrument I wish I had but I know it’d be the biggest time sink. There are so many unique features and cool things you can do with one so I take my hat off to anyone who can master it. QSTN (pronounced Question) has shown he knows his way around one on his latest track called Opus One.

The song is a tribute/cover/flip of Slum Village’s Untitled, produced by none other than J Dilla, and it strips everything down to its basic components without losing much swing. The bassline that runs throughout is subtle but complements the Rhodes-driven melody so well.

All in all, a nice feel-good track for these wild times we’re in. Stream it below and throw some coins QSTN’s way if you can.

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