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QSTN – Opus One

Instrumental Hip Hop

QSTN tries his hand at a Slum Village flip on his latest track, “Opus One”.

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Review: Tanya Morgan – Rubber Souls


We reviewed Tanya Morgan's Rubber Souls....

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VIDEO: Slum Village Soundcheck With J Dilla


A rare video of Dilla getting ready for a soundcheck with Slum Village in LA in 2000 has been uncovered. We’ll assume this is rare as...

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28 Days Of Dilla #16: Slum Village – Fall In Love

Hip Hop, Jazz, Sampling

We’ve featured it once before but it’d be a crime not to mention it this month -- Slum Village’s Fall In Love. DJ Amir...

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28 Days Of Dilla #12: J Dilla – Welcome 2 Detroit

Hip Hop, Sampling

The one-shot heard ’round the world. The year was 2001. Despite being released a year beforehand, hip-hop heads were still...

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Waajeed, the man behind PPP, talks about growing up in Slum Village and getting militant on Dilla’s beat machine. For today’s...

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ONE TO WATCH: Beat Gates

Hip Hop

Our One To Watch, Beat Gates, comes from Croatia via a healthy dose of Dilla inspiration. I found this guy while writing about Croatian hip...

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