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28 Days Of Dilla #16: Slum Village - Fall In Love

Slum Village

We’ve featured it once before but it’d be a crime not to mention it this month – Slum Village’s Fall In Love.

DJ Amir discussed this track and the sample for Bling47 back in April 2012 and he hit the nail on the head – a perfect J Dilla beat.

The sample for Fall In Love was taken from Gap Mangione’s Diana In The Autumn Wind, that went on to be used by a slew of artists, including People Under The Stairs, Skyzoo and Madlib for Jaylib’s The Official. A simple yet elegant jazz record that Dilla pumped with soul and flawless drum production, which may seem contradictory because of the amount of crackle on them. But that’s all part of the charm and charisma of the track – dusty soul holding in all the heritage of the music preceding it.

Can we also take a moment to appreciate the hook Dilla sang, because that was 100% truth he was singing.

But less talk, just stream below.

Slum Village - Fall In Love
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