VIDEO: Slum Village Soundcheck With J Dilla

Slum Village

A rare video of Dilla getting ready for a soundcheck with Slum Village in LA in 2000 has been uncovered.

We’ll assume this is rare as we’ve not seen it before and it was only uploaded last Wednesday. Footage of Slum Village with Dilla in tow has been uploaded to YouTube. Judging by some of the tracks played during the soundcheck, this was after his debut solo release, Welcome 2 Detroit, and it also shows the set up for the gig: two MPCs and some turntables ready for live beat making. Soon, Dilla has to go out to Radio Shack for some audio cables (not particularly enthralling, but it’s candid footage of Jay so we’ll take that) and the journey there involves bumping to some Fantastic, Vol. 2.

“It don’t get no liver than this!” – Dilla

Stream it below.

J Dilla Sound Check Footage
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2 thoughts on “VIDEO: Slum Village Soundcheck With J Dilla”

  1. I am the producer and director of this content. I would ask that you please remove it as it is part of a larger Dilla project that I am working on. Not sure how you got your hands on it.

    Nathan Israel

    1. Apologies, sir. We found it on YouTube and weren’t aware of any ownership issues. Feel free to let us know when the full project is up and we’ll be sure to write about it!

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