Waajeed, the man behind PPP, talks about growing up in Slum Village and getting militant on Dilla’s beat machine.

For today’s Saturday Matinée, we have Waajeed’s lecture at the Red Bull Music Academy back in Seattle 2005.

Member of the Platinum Pied Pipers, Waajeed explains how the then-new generation of Detroit all started, from rivalries between Dwele and Slum Village (who eventually went on to collaborate) to Waajeed borrowing Dilla’s old MPC and making his first beats (we need to make friends with people who have music equipment).

Don’t take a backseat because you’re running out of studio time, or you don’t want to get in an argument.

He also explains how being a DJ saved him from getting robbed, early memories of groups like Kraftwerk and talks about the strict routine in the studio where he wasn’t allowed to drink water or pee until he finishes three beats.

That’s raw but that’s hip hop for you.

Waajeed on Slum Village, Techno house party and Music History | Red Bull Music Academy
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