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tides. – dive.

The cover for tides's album, dive

Stream dive. by tides. right here.

While on search for more SP-404 albums on Bandcamp (since I’m getting one for my birthday and I wrote about them a few days ago), I found this.

‘dive.’ is the newest release from UK producer tides. It’s only 5 tracks long but it’s enough to help you escape from whatever the hell is going on out there. The opening title track is a melodic palate cleanser before the beats start to kick in with ‘hygge’ and ‘atlus’.

‘bermuda’ drives up the funk a little and woodgrain completes the EP with a smooth guitar-driven groove. Most of ‘dive.’ contains piano samples as the main focus but tides. varies his styles slightly while maintaining the overall aesthetic. All in all, a relaxing listening.

Stream it below.

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