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Starchildluke - 31

Starchildluke blowing out candles on cakes

Starchildluke celebrates his 31st birthday with his latest album, “31”.

Starchildluke blowing out candles on cakes

Firstly, a belated happy birthday to Starchildluke.

The UK producer celebrated the joyous occasion with a new album, entitled ‘31‘. The album kicks off with ‘Kayak‘, a smooth West Coast-style beat sandwiched between two peculiar-sounding skits. From there, 31 shows off Starchildluke’s penchant for unique samples, loops, skits, and classic—and obscure—pop culture references.

Eagle-eyed listeners will also notice a few Easter eggs:

  • The album is exactly 31 minutes long
  • The album is priced at £7.31
  • His entire discography is priced at £31 (until Saturday)

Standout tracks include ‘Jupiter‘, ‘Petit Gâteau 99‘, ‘JMQ‘, ‘Absolute‘, and ‘Quarante-Huit‘.

Stream the album below.

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