Tiny Hearts – Stay EP


If you missed Tiny Hearts new Stay EP, make sure to stream it on Bandcamp.

Amongst the multitude of brilliant releases, you might have overlooked Tiny Hearts’ Stay EP. We covered the artistically decorated video for Centerfold and now it’s the turn of their first release. The group comprising of Sampleface favourite Waajeed, Dede Reynolds and Tim K, fashioned the four track EP after a meeting in a bar in New York and the mix of Waajeed’s techno and hip hop background and Dede and Tim K’s dreamy synth pop (the latter of whom form their own group, DEDE) make both themselves and their productions bob like buoys in the electronic-heavy sea of modern music. Nothing is superfluous or wasted on the EP, from moody title track to the expertly-produced Snow Cold.

Stream/purchase Stay EP below.

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