VIDEO: Tiny Hearts – Centerfold


Waajeed aka Jeedo teams up with Dede and Tim K to form Tiny Hearts and this is the video for their latest synth-laden track, Centerfold.

We hope you’re still not sleeping on Waajeed. The Detroit-native has been spreading himself across a multitude of genres all the while keeping the music strong and expansive but this latest foray into electro-soul/R&B is quite robust. Jeedo has put together Tiny Hearts with pop duo DEDE (Deanne “Dede” Reynolds and Tim K) and their latest track and video, Centerfold, is refined in colour both musically and visually. The off-kilter synth lead works immensely with the acoustic drum beat and the kaleidoscopic scenery are the perfect backdrop for Dede’s echoey vocals. Really enjoyed this and I’m liking this direction for Jeedo.

Stream it below.

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