TECHNOLOGY: Korg Announces “KR mini” Rhythm Machine


Music tech manufacturers Korg have announced the release of their KR mini rhythm machine.

Perhaps the size of the larger MPCs are too much for you or the price of a Maschine doesn’t entice you to purchase one. What if you just want a small rhythm machine to put together some short ideas on the road for when you get back to the studio where your bigger machines live? Korg have you covered in that department with their latest rhythm machine, the “KR mini”. It’s sleek lightweight design and ability to run on batteries make it the perfect travel companion for any producer as well as 60 rhythm patterns from all types of genres. You can also record your own beats (not actual “beats” beats, though), making it really good for live situations too. Korg’s KR mini will be ready for purchase in November for $79.99. You can find out more about it on the Korg website.

Stream the mini demo video below.

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