Written by 5:00 pm Saturday Matinée, Soul



T.N.T. Jackson is our feature presentation this week, starring former Playboy model Jean Bell as TNT, a black woman who wages war with Hong Kong gangs to find her missing brother.

Blaxploitation movies don’t get much better/worse than this, plotwise. T.N.T. Jackson tells the tale of TNT (played by former Playmate Of The Month Jean Bell) who finds herself in the murky underbelly of Hong Kong in a quest to find her missing brother. Of course, she lives up to her explosive name and with the help of friend Joe, brews up a storm amongst the criminal gangs in the Chinese sovereign state. The script was originally written by actor Dick Miller before it was rewritten by legendary cult director/producer Roger Corman, the man behind the film version of Grand Theft Auto and B-horror classic The Raven.

Stream it in full below.