VIDEO: Tremayne – Ascension


Toronto’s Tremayne shows a kaleidoscope of footage for his Ascension video.

I think Tremayne might have won the award for Most Unexpected Backing Track this week. Hailing from Toronto, the Canadian rapper has released the video for Ascension ahead of his new project, WNDRFCK, out today. So, why the award? Well, the backing track is Justice’s Valentine. Normally, I wouldn’t be behind rappers over tracks like that but this one has grown on me, not least because of Tremayne’s wacky flow. The video itself might just be a “WNDRFCK” of footage, mostly crazy and best viewed with a sense of humour.

Stream it below (it may be NSFW due a scene depicting the slicing of a woman’s eye for a couple of seconds).

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