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FREE DOWNLOAD: Shak - Empty Rooms

Shak gives us some of that future bass on his free EP, Empty Rooms.

INI Movement are a Dutch artistic platform that combine the arts and artists of multiple disciplines through events and projects, whether that be as a label, event planners or curators of art. Young producer Shak had the honour of dropping INI’s 10th release. His deep soulful approach to bass music is what drew the collective to Shak and Empty Rooms is a fine example of that. This isn’t a generic sounding trap EP and each track isn’t saturated in indistinguishable bass and crazy hi-hats.

There’s a levelled amount of soul, 90’s R&B-styled vocals and almost chasmic synth pads, all topped off with that classic 808 percussion, the latter used to great effect on Dmnds. The first five tracks are Shak’s but fellow Dutch producers Koen, Nangdo & Manik also contributed remixes of their own to diversify things a bit more. If you’re skeptical about the whole future bass/trap movement as I have been over the years, this might sway you.

Stream/download it on SoundCloud.

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