Unknown P – Diss & Chips (Stormzy & Chip Beef)

Unknown P – Diss & Chips (Stormzy & Chip Beef)

Unknown P grabs some Diss & Chips from a petrol station in response to the beef between Stormzy and Chip.

Unknown P in a petrol station

Munya Chawawa’s work rate is incredible right now. Within hours of Stormzy running up on Chip’s house (allegedly? Who knows), Munya’s alter ego Unknown P took a trip to a Shell petrol station, filmed his response, and uploaded it to YouTube.

The choice of location was in response to Chip “sending for Stormzy” at the petrol station he sent for Bugzy.

I know where you live too, but that is not the point of this
Pull up, catch me lackin’, plan failed, there’s no avoidin’ this.
Dunno what you heard about Essex but it’s calm, darg
And they ain’t used to black people screamin’ down the car parks
So let me ask you this, Mr. Road Man, ’cause you don’t get the program
It seems like you wanna lose it all.

Lyrics from Chip’s ‘Flowers’

While we wait for Stormzy’s reply, stream Unknown P’s hilarious take below.

Unknown P - Diss & Chips (Stormzy & Chip Beef)
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