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Varyus Waise - Little Brother Syndrome

Our One To Watch, German producer Pawcut, likes to keep things real.

You can’t earn trust, without honesty. So I felt like sharing my story … People can understand better what I’m trying to do.

Little Brother Syndrome comes from Varyus Waise, a hip hop artist, educator, writer and radio show producer from Brooklyn, New York. Inspired by his experiences in the inner city, he puts his talents to good use by writing and educate through the means of hip hop. His debut is said to have been inspired by two themes close to his heart. The first is his ambition to grow as an artist; the newbie making his way through the “ranks” and he wanted to make sure his music didn’t go in one ear and out the other. The beats are old school, sample laden (we spotted a nice MGMT sample in there) and catchy (the intro featuring a quote taken from Marianne Williamson – not Nelson Mandela, contrary to popular belief) and the rhymes are finely crafted life lessons. Being over two years in the making, Little Brother Syndrome is the kind of album that’ll catch the attention of those wanting something a little different from their hip hop.

Stream and download it below.

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