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Our One To Watch, German producer Pawcut, likes to keep things real.

We like people who give it to us straight. Pawcut is one of those guys. He’s a producer from Germany and in October, he dropped his debut EP, The Stuff That Dreams Are Made Of, on Dusted Wax Kingdom. It’s a dusty lo-fi affair, consisting of some cherry picked soundtrack and jazz samples, some classic and rare drum breaks and plenty of buzzing bass. Mix all that together and you come up with seven trippy downtempo beats. Pawcut says “it’s not about ‘using’ samples but about ‘feeling’ them” and that’s a philosophy we can certainly stand by. It’s as raw and rugged as it can be – no fake vinyl crackles, software instruments or sample pack drums. If that’s what they call “real hip hop”, then that’s how real it gets for Pawcut. You’ll get no complaints from us.

Stream the EP below.

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