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VIDEO: James Gardin – Joy

James Gardin - Joy

Joy’s visuals are enriched with melanin and youthful exuberance, with dancing choreographed by The iDream Dancers.

We all know bravado runs through the veins of hip hop and its culture, from the roots underground to the top of the tree. But James Gardin’s accolade, The World’s Most Encouraging Rapper™, conveys regular improvement. It’s also a positive streak he has continued with his latest video for new track “Joy”. It’s a feel-good song to shake away the varying hues of blue we all feel, carried along with a jangling tambourine and infectious rhythm.

But the visuals radiate the most. Do you know how beautiful it is to see black people, particularly children, dancing carefree with their peers? In today’s society? It’s the sort of social backdrop we need to see more of. It replenishes and reminds us that amongst all of the crap going on right now, there are spots of light in the darkness. And that’s where Joy resides. Props to Christopher Mitchell of Breaking Atoms for the writing credits, Victor Manuel for his direction, and brilliant choreography from The iDream Dancers. And James Gardin of course.

Stream the video below and the track on Bandcamp.

James Gardin - Joy (official video)