Written by Luke Alex Davis 12:37 pm R&B

RKZ – Impossible feat. Sonni Mai

RKZ - Impossible feat. Sonni Mai

The RKZ/Handbook partnership serves up an “Impossible” delight with guest vocalist Sonni Mai.

Understated imagery is a beautiful art form. The concept fuelled decades of art in the mid-20th century and minimalism is all the rage today. When RKZ and Handbook weave their musical threads, the finished product is indicative of that style. But with added colour. And that’s what shines through. You listen with your eyes open to appreciate their work and Impossible is no exception.

The song is the second cut from RKZ’s upcoming album Somewhere In The Afterbeat and tells the tale of two lovers conflicted in their emotions. As RKZ serves as the “caller”, Sonni Mai plays the role of the “responder” with a gorgeous recital. Underneath this is another brilliant melodic scene by Handbook with just enough of everything to complete the picture.

Stream the lyric video below and check it out on Spotify. Somewhere In The Afterbeat is slated for release in 2019.

RKZ - Impossible feat. Sonni Mai OFFICIAL LYRIC VIDEO