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VIDEO: Oliver Rees – Another Fool

‘I wanted to illustrate how one can often feel like a spectator in their own life’

Oliver Rees - Another Fool (Official Video)

Leeds-based rapper and producer Oliver Rees returns with a new track called Another Fool. Rees runs lyrical rings around his flamenco guitar-driven beat, talking about the tough road of creativity:

‘At its core, “Another Fool” delves into the mundane struggles, repetitive mistakes, and uphill tribulations that often accompany the artistic journey […] It serves as a canvas for the stream of consciousness that reflects the inner monologue of a struggling artist—myself included.’

Oliver Rees

In the video, we see Mike, a man drifting through a variety of dead-end jobs with the enthusiasm of a wandering corpse, and how that affects him and his life choices. Gotta pay the bills somehow, right?

Another Fool is now available on all streaming platforms.

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