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VIDEO: RKZ – Notes

RKZ - Notes

RKZ goes down the minimalist route in his video for his latest single, “Notes”.

Knowing the intricate workings of a music video from concept to final presentation is a rarity in real time. If you follow RKZ on Instagram – or quite frankly anywhere – you’ll have seen what went into this video. But despite being privy to this visual information, you’re still captivated by the aesthetics. Notes is the debut single from his upcoming album Somewhere In The Afterbeat and sees the creative polymath in his purest form. Everything is beautifully stylised, from clean backdrops to beautiful models interspersed between shots of RKZ in multiple outfits. Lyrically, RKZ is at home discussing how he collects ideas and what they become while Handbook provides the appropriate minimalist beat. This is collective brilliance in every creative avenue fathomable.

(Directed by Another Studio, styled by RKZ and starring models Rahi Chadda and Faye Fearon.)