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brandon* - Dreamscape: Part 4

Florida producer Brandon* returns with the fourth piece of his Dreamscape puzzle.

brandon* - Dreamscape: Part 4

I don’t care what anyone says: lounge music is dope. Call it disparaging names like “elevator music” but I think it’s perfect for chilling; an audible palate cleanser, if you will. When you have a concoction involving jazz, hip hop and Latin music, that’s when things get intriguing. Brandon* is a wizard in that regard.

Using these musical ingredients, the Floridian has conjured some breathtaking soundscapes. So it’s apt that he made a beat series called Dreamscape and we now have Part 4 in our midst. This is a holiday romance of an album. It drifts by you, enchanting and wondrous, and you feel compelled to listen to more, getting to know it better with every track. Havana opens proceedings with an aural teaser of things to come, while Desert Flower twinkles with its Central/Southern American vibes and subtlety. There’s a strong Cuban/Brazilian influence throughout which only furthers the idea of enigmatic beauty.

Okay, I’ve managed to create the unattainable embodiment of a woman in my head from this music so I’ll stop right there and implore you to sit down with Dreamscape: Part 4 and listen.

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