SATURDAY MATINÉE: When Albums Ruled the World (Documentary)

When Albums Ruled The World is a BBC documentary looking back at a time when music wasn’t so disposable and downloads didn’t exist.

Technology in music has revolutionised the way we make and play music but a certain “essence” has been lost. You could theoretically stream a downloaded track from a cloud without having picked up the CD/vinyl, looked through the liner notes or even seen the cover (in a decent quality for that matter). Nothing but digital files. Perhaps there’s too much romanticism in that logic but that’s not how it all started. When Albums Ruled The World is a BBC documentary is a reminiscing trip about the archetypal full length release, before the disposable nature of singles took over. Naturally, the BBC recruited some high end clientele to speak on the subject, with words from the late Ray Manzarek, Nile Rodgers, Mike Oldfield and Slash amongst others.

Stream it below.

BBC When Albums Ruled the World
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