THROWBACK THURSDAY: William Hall – Michael Jackson Impersonator


Who’s William Hall? Only one of many Michael Jackson impersonators and our Throwback Thursday shows part of his performance back in the 80s on a Hispanophonic TV show.

During his life and after death, Michael Jackson has had more impersonators (creative and physical) than Rick Ross has had chicken dinners. The job often meant the changing of appearance to mirror MJ’s and some guys went as far as plastic surgery, hair implants and skin whitening. William Hall was one of those dedicated impersonators hailing from San Antonio, Texas. The video catches Hall at the end of his performance as he dazzled the crowd with many of Mike’s signature moves before talking to the host and being joined by his manager Sergio Gotlib (mispelled Godlib, which actually sounds better – almost like a Rakim x Madlib collab). Unfortunately, that’s all we know about it as Sergio uploaded the video himself and left no information about where it came from. If you wanna see more of William Hall in action, check out his rendition of Billie Jean. If you speak Spanish, let us know what she’s saying.

Stream it below.

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