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THROWBACK THURSDAY: Wu-Tang St. Ides Commercial (1995)


Who remembers when The Wu-Tang Clan was repping for St. Ides in this 1995 commercial? Welcome to this week’s Throwback Thursday.


Sprite was usually the “go-to” beverage brand when it came to hip hop artists doing commercials (Drake did one not too long ago), but back in 1995, Wu-Tang weren’t about that. They wanted to go for the harder stuff and they chose St. Ides, a “non-high gravity malt liquor”. We’re talking 8.2% ABV here. But The Wu weren’t the only hip hop act to endorse the beverage; 2Pac, Dr. Dre and Biggie were seen in adverts for St. Ides. Of course, it wasn’t always plain sailing. Chuck D appeared in a commercial for the drink but he later sued the company due to them using his voice without permission and later criticised their methods of advertising.

Stream it below. I’m feeling thirsty.

WuTang St. Ides Commercial
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