28 Days Of Dilla #3: J Dilla Interview (2003)


You’re gonna wanna peep this J Dilla interview from 2003 for Day 3 of 28 Days Of Dilla.

Interviews of normally quiet musicians are almost mesmerising because you get to hear what they’re thinking directly from the source as opposed to through their music – what they think of music today, what drives them, how everything came together. Dilla is just one of many artists like that and his interview with Y’skid back in Eindhoven in 2003 is a rare glimpse into a phenomenal producer’s life and work. He discussed his early troubles with exposure and misattributed beats for Q-Tip (people thinking Tip did beats that Dilla had actually produced), the return of Slum Village after his departure from the group, how he got together with Madlib to form Jaylib and his overall work ethic. The meticulous fans out there who have already seen this will recognise some snippets of the interview on albums like Rebirth of Detroit and The Shining.

If you’ve seen it, it’s definitely worth seeing again. If you haven’t, free some time and get a notepad. You gon’ learn today! © Kevin Hart

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