Written by 9:27 pm Hip Hop

atf – Lodge


The man with All These Fingers brings us a new offering called “Lodge”.

It’s always a pleasure to hear a new atf release and Lodge is no exception.

SAM: I would like to say this beat tape was most enjoyable.

I totally agree. atf is a master at bring life to loops with his use of the fluidity function on his SP-303.

SAM: I believe this is to recreate the warping of older vinyl records, correct?

That is correct. It also adds a unique sonic flavour to the sample, which could sound quite mundane if repeated for 2 minutes.

SAM: What is your favourite?

Possibly iced papaya and deli (at the). Some nice easy grooves to jam to.

SAM: Mine would be funhaus. It sounds most familiar.

I can see why.

Stream Lodge below.