VIDEO: Caleon Fox - The Durag Song


Cali artist Caleon Fox declares his love and admiration for his durag on The Durag Song.


A big shout out to Corey aka @theo_huxtable1. Caleon Fox is an artist from Oakland making music with all the chill and, seemingly, no chill at all. The Durag Song is exactly what the title suggests and the video is as stoopid as you’d expect for an ode to a durag. When I watched it the first time, it reminded me of Eddie Murphy’s final attempt at a music career in the 90s but with less seriousness. Nevertheless, the beat is smoother than a silk durag and the visuals are equally as relaxing. Big love to you, Caleon. Your swag stays 100.

Stream it below.

PHSR - The Durag Song (Official Video)
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