Build your own LEGO record cleaner

Want to build a low-tech ultrasonic record cleaner? LEGO!

Who said LEGO was just for kids? (Not me!)

Bas van Lieshout used LEGO to build himself an “edge-driven Ultrasonic Record Cleaner spinning device”.

Build was pretty straight forward as you can see. The basic construction I came up with fits my tank perfectly. This basic form will probably fits most tanks when tweaked a little and can be removed very easy. In the beginning the option of glueing the Lego blocks crossed my mind but it seems that is not needed. Still have to wash my first record though. Building a 0,5 micron automatic pump system on the side and have to finish that first.

I’m sure the owner of Brick City Records approves.

DIY build your own edge-driven Ultrasonic Record Cleaner spinning device from Lego

(via Hackaday)

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