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76 minutes of Nujabes, Khruangbin, and Kendrick Lamar

What do Nujabes, Khruangbin, and Kendrick Lamar have in common? This 76-minute playlist on Spotify.

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Sometimes you need a bit of randomness to inspire you. I made a script that generated different combinations of blog tags and these three came up:

Nujabes, Kendrick Lamar, Khruangbin

There’s no way for them to officially collaborate (RIP Nujabes) so why not put them all together in a playlist?

I’ve kept it light at 1hr 16min but added enough from all three artists to make it enjoyable. It starts off with some Nujabes before meandering into a quick journey through Khruangbin’s discography before finishing on Kendrick.

Stream it below.

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