Jay Kay's Lockdown song is still relevant and still slaps


Lockdown but make it funky, thanks to Jay Kay of Jamiroquai and a cover of David Bowie’s Let’s Dance.

I’ve been on a heavy Jamiroquai tip this past week, inspired by the memes involving Jacob Chansley the furry-hated racist. I dived down the YouTube rabbit hole for live gigs and unreleased songs and (re)found this video of Jay Kay from last year.

It features the Jamiroquai frontman singing a Lockdown song to the tune of Let’s Dance by David Bowie. As jokey songs go, this one actually works and the twist at the end will make you laugh.

For more of the same: Jay Kay singing an alternative version of Get Lucky.

Stream it below.

Jamiroquai - ‘Lockdown’
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