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Clear Soul Forces - Detroit Revolution​(​s)

Clear Soul Forces’s new album Detroit Revolution​(​s) is the perfect homage to the Motor City.


While searching for some new soul albums worth listening to from 2012 on Bandcamp (I found none), I found this album. Now, it’s not actually a soul album, but I can definitely feel it. This is Detroit Revolution(s) from hip hop group Clear Soul Forces and it is very good. As the title shows, the fourpiece comprised of E-Fav, L.A.Z., Noveliss and producer/emcee Ilajide hail from the birthplace of MotownDetroit and, as they say themselves on their Facebook page, “bring the soul back to Motown”. Playing through, you really get the impression that these guys have learnt from the musicians who gave Detroit its fame and the album seems like both a homage to those past greats and an attempt at making a mark off their own backs. Ilajide knows what he’s doing with the beats and they all know what they’re talking about.

It’s pay what you want so dig deep and support a great group.


  1. Detroit Revolution(s)
  2. Welcome To The Show
  3. Half As Long // Twice As Bright
  4. Keep It Movin –
  5. 15 Minutes
  6. Get No Better
  7. Stick Em
  8. Stack Yo Paypuh!¡!¡!
  9. The World Is Yours
  10. Ass To The Flo
  11. Fan-Ta-Sa-Ro
  12. Rap Attack // Jammin’
  13. Catch Me If You Can
  14. Still Driving Down The Freeway
  15. Runnin’

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