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VIDEO: Egon’s Record Collection On Crate Diggers


Music archaeologist Egon of Now Again Records talks through his record collection on Crate Diggers and tells us some great stories about his vinyl.

This has become one of my favourite Crate Diggers episodes not least because Egon goes into unequivocal detail about his records and the stories attached. Egon, of course, is the former Stones Throw general manager, current owner of Now Again Records, business partner of Madlib and purveyor of all things vinyl (records, that is). Amongst his vast collection are some psychedelic rock from a mentally unstable musician, a jazz album from a fake bishop and a funk family connection with Dilla and the Detroit Sex Machines. Thoroughly enjoyable episode and it makes me wish I had the money and time to go crate digging around the globe.

Stream it below.