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Grime > Punk at Tate Liverpool

Who’d win in a fight do you reckon?

On 6th November, a one-day event called Grime > Punk will take place at Tate Liverpool, in collaboration with University of Liverpool. It comes as part of the ON RECORD festival, celebrating and exploring Black music and its influence on Merseyside over the last 7 decades.

The title might look like a hot take but GRIME > PUNK aims to examine the impacts that grime and punk subcultures have had on music and society and see which is more enduring.

“The parallels between Punk and Grime as sub-cultures that started in core communities but ended up having so much influence and impact on mass culture can not be denied. However, Grime has continued to thrive and evolve, even as many of the core elements have been co-opted and consumed in the mainstream – arguably leading to Grime becoming a larger cultural movement than Punk. With GRIME > PUNK we wanted to explore these ideas via discussion, artistic responses and performance.”

Yaw Owusu, Event Curator

Highlights include a panel discussion hosted by Saskilla, featuring music journalist Laura ‘Hyperfrank’ Brosnan, Manga Saint Hilare, Liverpool’s own Koj, and DJ G33 as they dive into the origins of grime culture. There’ll also be a grime/punk mashup set by DJ G33 and performances by Koj, Pelumi (P3LZ), Manga and Dapz on the Map.

This is a very difficult topic to conjure a single answer and there’s a lot of nuance behind the oppressive systems that allowed the creation of grime and punk so I hope all of that is taken into account. Unfortunately, I can’t go but I’m sure it’ll be an interesting experience for those who can, whether you’re part of the grime scene, punk scene, or both.

Head over to Tate Liverpool on Saturday 6 November. Tickets are free.

(h/t Yas)

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