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Hiatus Kaiyote - Nakamarra (feat. Q-Tip)

When one of the best rappers alive throws some bars on your track, you know you’re onto something big. Here’s Hiatus Kaiyote’s Nakamarra featuring Q-Tip.

I found out about Australian band Hiatus Kaiyote and the phenomenal Nakamarra a few months ago (shout out to Buscrates) and being a big Jamiroquai fan, I noticed similarities in their sound and was instantly hooked. I’m also a big Q-Tip fan so when I heard he’d added some of his own bars to the track, I was intrigued. Suffice to say it was as wonderful as you could imagine, both the song and Tip’s extra vocals with his signature flow and incredible wordplay. Unfortunately, the album that featured the original, Tawk Tomahawk, is no longer on Bandcamp but you can still buy it online via Kudos Records.

Stream it on SoundCloud and keep your ears out for this group.

Update: you can now get the reissue of Tawk Tomahawk on Bandcamp.

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