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THROWBACK THURSDAY: Janet Jackson MTV Tribute Starring Pink, Usher And Mýa


Back in 2001, Pink, Usher and Mýa paid tribute to Janet Jackson as part of a series called MTV Icon with some dazzling dance routines.

Just before it clocks over into Friday, I thought I’d drop this Throwback Thursday in. I was struggling to think of something that was both old and original enough to qualify and this popped into my head. Between 2001 and 2004, MTV created a series called MTV Icon where artists paid homage to a particular music act deemed worth of the accolade of “cultural icon”. The inaugural event was dedicated to Janet Jackson and in this video, Pink, Usher and Mýa all dance their asses off to Miss You Much, Alright and Pleasure Principle respectively. This was back when Pink was “pink“, Usher was popping his collar and doing the U-Turn and Mýa had some trouble with her ex. And peep Aaliyah (RIP) introducing them all. Stellar lineup for a stellar icon.

Stream it below.