Written by Luke Alex Davis 11:29 pm Video

VIDEO: Beat Made Using Pokémon Blue, A Gameboy And A Maschine


Deku Kid of Purple Caviar samples some Gameboy sounds from Pokémon Blue and makes a beat out of it on his Maschine.

I may well be 23 but that hasn’t stopped me from continuing to play Pokémon for the past 14 years (on and off). Having played every version (except the last one), I still retreat back to my childhood favourites – Pokémon Red, Blue and Yellow. They were flawed but still have all the wonder from my youth, packed into a little Gameboy cartridge. A couple of years back, conveniently named producer Deku Kid of producer duo Purple Caviar hooked up his Gameboy and managed to grab a sample of what appears to be the Lavender Town theme, possibly the creepiest game theme I’ve ever heard, and transform it into a banging joint. The other sample used, Michael Jackson’s They Don’t Really Care About Us, helped the cause immensely thanks to its Brazilian drum rhythm.

Stream it below.