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Hip Hop By Numbers #1

In the first of a new series, we take a look at the latest hip hop news and the numbers connected to them. We always associate hip hop with words, sounds and even art but never numbers but they play a part, humorously or otherwise. Here are some rap stats to get your dome around.


THROWBACK THURSDAY: Paula Abdul And Janet Jackson Rehearsing (1986)

During her Control era, Janet Jackson was Paula Abdul’s choreography apprentice. Here’s some footage of them rehearsing in 1986. By the mid-80s, Janet Jackson had already released two albums, both met with little to no interest from the critics. It wasn’t until 1986 that her career started to take shape thanks to some savvy business …

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THROWBACK THURSDAY: Janet Jackson Video Megamix

It’s Janet Jackson’s 47th(?!) birthday today so here’s a video megamix of her 1993 album janet. for our Throwback Thursday. Can someone explain to us how Janet Jackson is 47 years old? The American pop icon may or may not be sipping from a secret fountain of youth but regardless, she celebrates her birthday today …


The Sexy Rumpus Playlist

Most of us have taken the time to create a sexy music playlist because everyone knows that in order to have the strongest orgasm possible, you’ve got to have music that sets the mood perfectly. Enter the Sexy Rumpus Playlist! In light of this “fact” and in honour of the annual love fest that is Valentine’s Day, we …

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Empiyah - The Unity Vol. 1 [Mixtape]

Our friends at Empiyah have released a dope new mixtape. U·NI·TY [noun] – A whole or totality as combining all its parts into one © Empiyah Now THIS is what we call a mixtape. London clothing label Empiyah Clothing have produced a superb mixtape via the mixing skills of Akil aka Vodou. You’ve got everything from …